Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Your website and your business can be advertised right now on Google. We assist you with this by drawing on over six years of proven experience in the management of Google AdWords.

Having started using Google AdWords in 2006, and having first become qualified Google AdWords Professionals in 2007, we at Net4orce are able to draw on an extensive background in the management of pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Step by Step

The ultimate objective is to convert visitors that arrive from a pay-per-click campaign into some form of contact or online purchase.  The true cost of Google AdWords can only be measured in terms of the overall conversion rate.

The individual steps in the process, from the user searching on a keyword in Google through to the eventual conversion, need to be considered as separate steps, but also in the context of the overall conversion process.  

Click Through Rate

For example, the click through rate (CTR), which is often quoted as key measurement, is the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement to the number of times that the advertisement is displayed.  It is a measure of the combined performance of the keywords and their associated advertisement.

For example, you could be using a very generic keyword, such as “mirrors” and a very generic advertisement, which says little more than “buy mirrors online”.  This will yield a very high click through rate.  If you are selling, say ornate gold mirrors, then the cost of the clicks will be wasted, because the vast majority of your website visitors will have no interest in this type of mirror.

Bounce Rate

Any visitor that clicks on this advertisement only to find that mirrors being offered are of no interest to them will leave the website immediately.  The percentage of visitors who arrive on a website page and then leave immediately is known as its bounce rate.  As the visitor will have already clicked on the advertisement by this time, so the cost of the click is wasted.  So, the bounce is just as important as the click through rate.

Even a low bounce rate can be misleading.  If the page on which the visitor lands has a very generic content, or even worse is the home page, then the visitor is forced to click through to other pages to find what they looking for.  In these circumstances, the landing page will have a low bounce, even though the type of products being offered for sale, mirrors in this example, are of no interest to the visitor.   

Overall Conversion Rate

Ultimately, the overall conversion rate is the only real measure of the performance of a pay-per-click campaign, but with account still being taken of the conversion rate of each step in the process.  For this reason, the optimum approach is for the pay-per-click campaigns to be managed as an integral element of the overall website development with the aim of maximising the overall return on investment.