Internet Consultancy

At Net4orce, we are able to draw on over 20 years’ experience in the design and development of website and online business software across many business sectors. You'll also find that we talk your language, and not technological gobbledygook.

It’s said that a consultant is someone with a solution looking for a problem, whereas a scientist identifies a problem and then tries to solve it.  On this basis, we are more scientists than consultants, and we have the qualifications to prove it.

We always recommend the most viable solution and one that gives the best return on investment.   We do tell it as we see it.  We see no point in encouraging a customer down a path that is unproductive for the customer and frustrating for all concerned.  If we think that an internet based solution is not right for you, then we will say so.  We only ask that you don’t shoot the messenger.

Understanding Your Requirements

Our starting point is always to grasp a detailed understanding of each customer’s business requirements at the outset, regardless of whether it is for a website or a much larger business system.  This invariably takes the form of a face to face meeting, from which we can normally assess the likelihood of us being able to meet the requirement.

If the requirement is for a website, then we will then respond with a written proposal that fleshes out this solution and provides an estimate of the cost and the time scale.  This again takes the form of a face to face meeting.  We do not charge for either of these initial meetings, or for the generation of the proposal.    This is normally sufficient for the customer to decide whether or not to proceed.

If the requirement is more advanced, such as for a very sophisticated website, or one that is linked to a back-office system, such as for warehousing, or is for a business system or an extranet, then our approach is slightly different.  

This sort of requirement normally requires a more detailed analysis and investigation, on the basis of which we provide an initial system specification. This includes an estimate of the development cost and time scale.  This work is chargeable, but the customer is free to use this specification to obtain other quotations for the development work.  

Unlike a normal consultancy, in which a report is the main outcome, our approach is directed towards a successful implementation.  Even if the customer opts to have the development undertaken elsewhere, the specification still forms a sound basis for the implementation.  In contrast, a consultant’s report still needs to be translated into a specification or a statement of requirements.

Our extensive involvement with the development of both websites and online business systems enables us to apply our analytical skills to both the internet marketing requirements as well as a wide range of other business requirements.