Integrated Payment Systems

If potential customers are asked to enter their credit card details into a screen that looks third party you might loose the sale. Customised integrated credit card processing will give your customers more confidence in buying from you.

A professional ecommerce business should have an integrated shopping basket with one of our preferred credit card processing companies, World Pay or SagePay.  If you are solely relying on PayPal, or similar, for your credit card processing you will appear less professional and less trustworthy to your customers.

Customised payment screens

Many ecommerce website loose sales simply because the customer feels uncomfortable entering their details into a third party screen.  They built trus to buy on your website, don't make then loose trust by sending them to a website that looks completely different.  If you relying on a third party then use PayPal or Google Checkout.

Best of both worlds

In an ideal world, try and integrate with either WorldPay or SagePay and then use PayPal and Google Checkout as other payment options.  There are many visitors to a website who will prefer PayPal as it's more convenient.

Do you want an integrated payment system that looks part of your ecommerce website?

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