Cloud Hosting

All of our customer websites and online business systems are hosted on our own dedicated cloud based virtual web servers. These operate in a secure, air-conditioned environment with guaranteed 24-7 power supply availability.

Our virtual servers provide all the performance, capability and control of a traditional hosted server.  They are also instantly reconfigurable in terms of processor performance, throughput, memory capacity and disk space.  This ensures that our websites and online business systems are never performance or capacity limited.

These servers are located in secure, air-conditioned premier-class Microsoft Azure data centres, which provide high performance, availability and scalability, with the Dublin Microsoft Azure data centre serving the UK.  These data centers provide high speed 10 gigabit backbone connection to the internet and are fully protected against mains power interruptions and are operate twenty hours per day and seven days per week.  

The servers occasionally require scheduled maintenance, but only once every few months.  These maintenance sessions last typically half an hour and occur in the early hours of a Sunday morning, so they have negligible impact on the availability of the servers.  Otherwise, they are available 247. 

At Net4orce, we do not host any third party websites or other systems on our web servers, so the performance of our customer websites and online business systems cannot be degraded or otherwise interfered with due to their presence.

Access to the online systems and the websites by visitors and by authorised users is entirely through their respective applications.  There is no FTP or similar access, which might expose the system to a possible security breach or other forms of interference.

Telephone and email support is provided as an integral part of our hosting service, which is renewable on an annual basis.