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Increase enquiries and online sales with effective Internet Marketing using proven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

Your website is a marketing tool that will help drive your business forward if promoted correctly.

Target your potential customers

Internet marketing is very different to more conventional marketing, and it’s much easier to target your potential customers.  Most advertisements in newspapers and magazines are of no interest to their readers, and are dominated by those of the larger retailers and other corporate businesses.  In contrast, when your potential customer searches Google for a particular key phrase, they know what they were looking for at that moment in time.  

If your products or services are relevant to the key phrase being searched on, then the potential customer is just one click away from seeing your products or services.  Unlike a conventional advertisement, once you’ve caught the potential customer’s attention in this way, your website enables you to develop their interest and lead them through to making some form of contact.  Having made contact, you are in a much stronger position to complete the sale.

This demonstrates the power of internet marketing relative to conventional offline marketing.  Your website responds directly to the potential customer’s interest, rather than attempting to promote products or services that are of no interest to them.

You want to attract visitors to your website that want your goods and services.  You do not want visitors that are looking for something else.  We provide internet marketing services to help your business attract more high quality visitors, which you can target with your goods and services.

Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click Advertising

The first step in this process is to get your website entry in the normal search results seen by your potential customers.  This entails making the textual content of the website, which is all that is seen by the search engines, as relevant as possible to the key phrases that your potential customers are likely to be searching on.  

Alternatively, you can have a pay-per-click advertisement, which appears in the sponsored links on the right hand side of the search results page.  This entails making the advertisement and textual content of the web page associated with that advertisement as relevant as possible to the key phrases that your potential customers are likely to be searching on.  

The entry that appears in the normal search results or the pay-per-click advertisement must then be sufficiently persuasive for the potential customer to click through to the website.

Once your potential customer clicks through to your website, it must develop their interest to the point that they make contact.

Everything about your website, including its design, its organisation and navigation, and especially its content, flows from the requirements imposed by these three steps.

The web page that your potential customer clicks through to, known as the landing page, is particularly critical to the success of the website, because visitors determine the relevance of a page within seconds of seeing it.

For example, if your potential customer arrives via the home page, then it’s similar to you answering the telephone phone and having to ask the caller to explain their particular requirement.  The website can be much more effective if your potential customer arrives on a page that that anticipates their requirement.  This requirement is reflected in the key phrase on which they were searching and on either search result entry or the pay-per-click advertisement that they clicked on.

The entire process, from someone searching on a keyword to making contact, should be viewed as one continuous progression with the potential customer being encouraged to take the correct next step at each stage.

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