Bespoke Online Software

Businesses and other organisations continue to evolve towards smaller centralised head offices with a greater dispersal of employees to more local and often home based, locations. This has increased the demand for more online internet systems that are accessed with no more than a standard web browser, whether it’s from head office, home or on the road.

Increasing reliance is being placed on data centre based servers to hold critical business data and to run the applications in preference to running  in-house servers.  Made available through high speed interconnections, this is enables business to dispense with their in-house IT staff.  

Instead, professionally managed data centres provide a secure, clean, power supply protected and air conditioned environment for the servers.  The use of virtual servers in these data centres now enable companies to change the capacity and capability of their systems at the click of a button.   

Another dimension has added to this trend with the advent of tablet devices with easy WiFi or 3G / 4G / 5G connectivity.  These and other hand held mobile devices used to be the preserve of sales people, field service personnel and others on the road.  Now, even office bound employees can exploit this technology, because they can access their data anywhere at any time, for meetings, presentations, etc.

Tailoring to Your Requirements

Your business has its own procedures and ways of operating.  You also have your own way of handling customer service, sales, order processing, etc. At Net4orce, you will find a team that understands business processes and workflow, and that can work with you to build a successful solution to advance your business.

We don’t expect customers to change their work practices to suit a system.  We build software based solutions that are designed to meet your requirements.  We have been doing this for over 23 years, with the last 15 being with online internet based systems.   

We can also develop customised software that will help your business achieve your aims, and with a demonstrable return on investment.  You can exercise  control, and at lower cost and for less effort, over all of the differing elements and processes that contribute to the work flow in your business.  

Vital business data is recorded at source at each stage of the business process and in sufficient detail to satisfy all of the inpidual departmental and management requirements.  All of the entered data is  validated as it is entered and the system ensures the correct flow of the data, both between departments and between each stage within each department.

The Way Forward

There is no downside.  Online business systems help businesses to grow, reduce overheads, increase efficiency, and deliver much more flexible and responsive operations.

Everyone in your business, including your remote employees, will be kept up-to-date with real time information by centralising your company data.  Your business data no longer needs to be stored on remote laptops, USB sticks or in-house PCs, which are so susceptible to theft and other abusive practices.

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