Timesheet & Job Recording App
The Timesheet & Job Recording App was developed for use by both sub-contractors and prime-contractors.  Sub-contractors can turn up on site and record any job issues (take photos where necessary) for a project on the day, record their time and expenses. Prime-contractors can track the progress and be alerted to issues as and when they happen.  At the end of the working week, invoices for the sub-contractors prime-contractors can be generated at the click of a button, saving hours each week for all involved.  Prime-contractors’ clients can even be kept up-to-date on progress via a secure access to their projects.  Everything is logged and in their pocket.  Your business is in your pocket.
Assessment System
A full end-to-end Assessment System for a company delivering assessments throughout the UK.  Assessors receive instructions on their tablets and mobile devices, visit the location and carry out the assessment.  The details are then returned to the head office system for validation prior to release to the customer via an online customer portal.  
Metartec - Online Business Software
Software Development for Metartec Metartec provides a range of products and services to the energy sector, with particular emphasis on ensuring the availability of mains power through the supply and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies and related equipment. The system embraces the entire operation of the multi-site international business, from initial customer contact, through the creation of quotations and internal orders for production, the organisation and scheduling of work for field engineers, and the reporting back of service equipment records to customer. This 100% online work flow based system provides significantly improved efficiency, expedites the entire process, aids management control, and delivers on-demand up to date online management reporting. With the software and data held on data centre based web servers, the authorised users and customers alike can access the system from anywhere and at any time.
OurHouse App
Anyone sharing a house, whether you’re a student or young professional, OurHouse is the tool to help run your home.  Sharing chores, a shopping list, kitty, calendar and bills, know whose done what and how much is owed.  OurHouse allows you to quickly setup your home, invite your housemates and start using straight away.  No more arguments on whose turn it is to put out the bins!
Sales Assistant Web App
Web App Development for Gigamon Making sure resellers are kept up-to-date with the latest propositions can be a difficult task for manufacturers. The Sales Assistant Web App is a tool to help communicate targeted propositions for the resellers. Using a combination of faceted search and responsive web design technology, this Web App allows resellers to quickly and easily find propositions that are relevant for their customers; from every device, mobile, tablet and desktop.
Quorum Technologies
Website Design for Quorum Technologies World leaders in Electron microscopy coating and cryogenic preparation, Quorum Technologies required a website to demonstrate their wealth of knowledge in design and manufacture. The new website was built on our responsive web design platform - optimised for mobile, tablet, desktop and HD desktop. The previous website was delivering one new business enquiry per day this has now risen to six new business enquiries per day, on average.
Horsey Lightly Solicitors
Website Design for Horsey Lightly Solicitors Horsey Lightly is a well-established and leading firm of solicitors in London and Newbury. They are strategically positioned to offer a wide range of legal services throughout the South of England and the M4 corridor. The objectives of the new website were to clearly demonstarte the legal services available, offering a superior service to their cleints.
Sega Amusements
Website Design for Sega Arcade Sega Amusements International is dedicated to the production, development, supply, support and distribution of amusement arcade games and merchandise.
Decorative Mirrors Online
Ecommerce Website Design for Decorative Mirrors Online Decorative Mirrors Online is the UK's premier online retailer for decorative mirrors. The design and photography in their website set them apart from the competition. Net4orce have worked closely with Decorative Mirrors Online to achieve a easy to use website including live stock information. The website has delivered sales well in excess of what had originally been thought possible. Recently upgraded onto our responsive web design platform - optimised for mobile, tablet, desktop and HD desktop. Introducing a faceted search facility to allow visitors to find their mirror within seconds.
GDS Instruments
Website Design for GDS Instruments World leaders in Geotechnical Testing Systems, GDS Instruments required a website to demonstrate their wealth of knowledge in design and manufacture in testing machines for rock and soil. Whether you're looking for a better understanding on the test methods or looking for a specific product; the GDS website delivers the content quickly and easilt within an easy to navigate environment. GDS Instruments, along with PE.fibreoptics, are a subsidary of Judges Scientific PLC. The new website was built on our responsive web design platform - optimised for mobile, tablet, desktop and HD desktop.
Judges Scientific plc
Website Design for Judges Scientific plc Judges Scientific plc is an AIM-listed company specialising in the design and production of scientific instruments. Corporate expansion is being pursued, both through organic growth within its subsidiary companies and through the acquisition of top-quality businesses with established reputations in world-wide markets.
Blood Stock App - Watership Down Stud
Mobile App Development for Watership Down Stud This groundbreaking app enables potential buyers to find out more about the Watership Down and Kiltinan Stud drafts than ever before. You will be able to view past racing performances of fillies in training, mares and their offspring as well as finding out the latest pedigree updates and a whole host of additional useful information. The App is available on iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Andriod Tablets and Windows Phones. The code is written once and delivered to each type of device, no more duplication of code writing.